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Where practicality meets purpose

About Common Village

For proactive parents, frequent fliers, and all-star students alike, finding the perfect clothes and accessories isn’t easy. That’s why at Common Village, we set out to create practical designs with a purpose. Inspired to support those in need, we donate a like-kind product to the U.S. Foster Care System with every purchase. Let’s fill some cubbies, together.


Inspired adventures start here

From trusty travel backpacks to beautiful beanies and everything in between, we believe in sparking inspiration for any adventure. Whether that’s a daily commute or a family vacation, our fanny packs, carry-on backpacks, and gym duffels make great companions. With every compartment considered, we’ve got you covered.


What we’re all about


We’re in this together! We empower our patrons to do a little good with every purchase.


With premium fabrics and thoughtful designs, you can feel our quality in every stitch.


We believe in putting a smile on as many young faces as possible through our donations.

Join our journey

As our first year in operation, Back to School 2024 is all about new beginnings. We invite you to join us as we work toward our mission of spreading hope to young lives nationwide.